wi liberty movementWisconsin Liberty Movement Political Action Committee Torpedoes the Campaigns of Anti-liberty State Politicians

Wisconsin Liberty Movement – Political Action Committee (WLM-PAC) is the only 100% pro-liberty PAC in Wisconsin. Its goal is to kick bad politicians out of office — politicians who have no respect for your inalienable rights.

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Your contributions to WLM-PAC can mean the firing of anti-liberty legislators or the hiring of solid pro-liberty candidates.  Unlike other so-called “pro-liberty” PACs in Wisconsin, WLM-PAC refuses to reward politicians of either party after they have betrayed liberty, simply because they claim they “support Liberty” or because they are slightly less evil than their opponents.

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Instead, WLM-PAC is a true watchdog, holding all politicians who compromise your rights accountable during the election season. You may contribute any amount to WLM-PAC, but if you donate $100 or more in a calendar year you are required by state law to provide your occupation and place (name and address) of employment.

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Paid for by the Wisconsin Liberty Movement, Eric Shimpach, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s agent or committee. Wisconsin Liberty Movement is a Wisconsin registered state political action committee.